The Truth About Imposed Princess Syndrome

If you know me, you know I don’t believe in applying repressive gender roles to my daughter. She and I were shopping yesterday when I noticed two baby boomers staring at her. More specifically, they were staring at her ensemble. My girl was wearing light pink corduroy pants with a pattern of sparkling gems at … Continue Reading

How Do You Know Your Kids Really Feel Your Love?

Do you ever wonder if your children feel your love? I mean really feel it. Often when I look at one of mine, I wonder if they can feel the swell of my heart at that moment. Okay, so my 17 year-old scary-teenage-know-it-all son isn’t thinking about how I love him when I’m in his … Continue Reading

What To Do and Not Do When You Go To Disney

The Imperfect Mom’s Guide: What To Do When You Go To Disney World Do take your young daughter shopping for her princess dress immediately. You’ll have a lot less laundry when you get home. And you’ll get to sit down on a full bus when the driver announces, “Everyone, be on your best royal behavior… … Continue Reading