Sublime Summertime

Sweetness of Life & Motherhood-Sublime SummertimeIf you were asked to describe the last two weeks of your life in just one or two words, which words would you choose? My choice: sublime summertime.

These past few weeks have been a childhood re-awakening for me. Somehow over the last several years, I’d lost my fervent love of summertime. I had always reveled in the wonder of the summer season as a child and young adult. And like most Ohioans, I counted down the time until I could enjoy longer days that delivered consistent sunshine, barbecues with friends and family, and evenings outdoors.

This season, my 3 year-old daughter has single-handedly returned to me those cherished summertime days.

During the past couple of weeks, she and I have run through water sprays from the garden hose. We’ve played hopscotch and attempted to jump rope. Shared freeze pops after swinging and sliding. Befriended the hummingbirds that sip nectar and play in the patio garden. Chased fireflies. Wrote our names with sparklers and watched fireworks light up the dark sky. Do you remember doing this stuff when you were young?

All the while, I’ve watched over my daughter in awe. Once again, I realize that she is an amazing little being. I was even taken by surprise to see myself not only through her eyes but also within her. She is the best of me. And this summer she has given me yet another precious gift.

My beloved summertime is back and it’s sweeter than ever.

  • Zelma's Worksho

    Aww, you made me cry!! I feel the same way about my 4yo lil man.

    Visiting from WW blog hop. Thanks for the follow!

    Zelma @ Zelma's Workshop

    • Kelli Nelson Malik

      Amazing what you learn from your children, isn't it? I bawled the entire time while writing this one. I'm finishing up my next post that I'll publish tomorrow in honor of my son's birthday and of course, I'm crying like a baby once again. I hope you'll stop back to read it!