Exercise, Earn For Charity Using Smartphones

Have you kept your New Year’s resolution to exercise more? Well, here’s a little more incentive to keep you going, or get you started. Love your smartphone? Me, too. Early in February, the UN Foundation announced its new partnership with Charity Miles, a free smartphone app that allows you to earn money for charity while … Continue Reading

Kids Kicking Hunger In The New Year

I know I’ve written about Share Our Strength in another post but it’s been awhile and with the New Year upon us, I’d like to give you an update. Supporting non-profits fighting for global eradication of childhood hunger has become increasingly important to my family. It’s a cause very dear to me because it was … Continue Reading

10 Mom Bloggers For Social Good on Babble.com

Honored. Blessed. Grateful. To be included in this article: 10 Mom Bloggers Share When They Began Blogging for Social Good

Trick-or-Treat, Motivate Kids To Be Global Citizens

Do your kids trick-or-treat each year and haul back loads of candy? My now 18-year old son always had up until, according to him, he became an adult this year. How much of that candy do you pilfer annually to eat yourself? I’ve always confiscated all Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups—indicating to my son it would … Continue Reading

Empower A Girl And She’ll Change The World

When I found out during week 20 of my second pregnancy that I was having a girl, I was over the moon. I remember repeating over and over to myself, “I’m going to have a daughter.” And during the first four years of my daughter’s life, I often found myself repeating, still amazed, “I have … Continue Reading

Presenting Project Legacy

I’ve always had a special interest in the advocacy for underprivileged children. It’s that very compelling desire that has inspired me to begin using my blog to raise my voice. Project Legacy is my commitment to help strengthen continuing efforts of non-profits that advocate for underprivileged, at-risk children and pressing global issues. Because I’m a … Continue Reading