Where Have The Good Old Days Gone?

Recently, I asked the question of my beloved Facebook friends, “How do you know when you’ve reached the official mid years of your life?” Interestingly, not one of the middle aged ladies… I mean experienced women… would confess… I mean contribute.

I’m not sure if I have reached the infamous “middle age person” status or not but I do know my life has already begun to change because of my age.

Here are ten reasons that make me worry I may soon be earning my own middle age status:

1. Several months ago, I acquired my first pair of specs. I spent the first month in denial. I even demanded a retest of my vision. I miss the days of boasting about 20/20 vision.

2. I used to add highlights to my hair. Now, I add highlights to the color that I use to cover the gray in my hair. Of course, I cover the gray with my natural color.

3. I used to feel tall. My son is now taller than me by 8 inches. He’s a towering 6’3″ and still growing. I’m raising a giant. And shrinking.

4. Shedding baby weight in my 20’s was cake. Shedding baby weight again, nearly 15 years later, is futile. Still, I’m hanging on to that one little designer dress for the “someday” that will probably never arrive.

5. I go to bed no later than 10pm. Even on weekends. I used to be a night owl but now I’m just too tired to give a hoot.

6. After sitting through an entire movie, my body aches when I stand. Wait. Did I fall asleep during the movie?

7.  I don’t party anymore. Instead, I plan my kids’ birthday parties and serve fruit punch.

8.  I drink coffee. I drink lots of coffee. The amount of coffee I consume increases each year. I never touched the stuff in my 20’s or early 30’s.

9. On vacations, I just want to stay in the room. To sleep. Alone.

10. Now and then I catch myself reminiscing with a friend about “the good old days.” Enough said.

Did I mention how these things make me worry? Oh, I’m not worried.

I’m kicking and screaming.

And cursing. I refuse to walk through the door with the sign that reads, “Enter Middle Age.” Even if I wanted to go through that door, certainly one of my kids would make the demand and I’d have to turn around anyway.

{A special shout out for my friend Stasha over at NorthWestMommy for the push on this one. /Monday Listicles}

  • http://www.northwestmommy.com Stasha

    Right there with you. We have lived in our town for a year now. We went to our friends for a BBQ last week and stayed pass 9PM. As we are driving home I said to my Husband that the Harbor looks beautiful at night. Which made us realised we have NEVER driven through town at night before. That is what middle age looks like.

    • http://creativeconstipation.blogspot.com/ Lex

      Wow, can I say that I relate to every part of this list? Even though I'm not wearing glasses, yet (stress the yet), I have to pull small print far from my eyes to read it & sometimes I can't even do that! Fabulous list!!

      • http://sweetnessoflife.com Kelli Nelson Malik

        Thanks, Lex! This list has been a draft sitting on my dashboard for several weeks and Stasha gave me the perfect opportunity to throw it out there! :)

    • http://sweetnessoflife.com Kelli Nelson Malik

      That's funny, the not having driven through town at night. I feel so disoriented when I occasionally have to drive into town at night. My 3 year-old gets really excited if we're in the car after dark; like it's a very special adventure. Thanks again for the opportunity to participate in Monday Listicles!

  • http://kiddothings.blogspot.com mom2kiddos

    Okay, I'm already feeling some of those symptoms but I don't think I'm middle aged yet. When are you middle-aged anyway? When you're half a century old?

    • http://sweetnessoflife.com Kelli Nelson Malik

      I'm still wondering too! It's hard to get a straight answer on this one but from my what I've gathered so far, it seems to be 45 – 65. If I could choose, I'd say it shouldn't begin until at least 50. Ha!

  • http://blog.fabulosokids.com Fabulosokids Bruce

    It's really simple to tell if you're middle aged:

    Is your favorite music now on the classic oldies station?

    Just heard Elvis Costello's "Veronica" on the oldies station last week myself–I have arrived at "old dude."

    • http://sweetnessoflife.com Kelli Nelson Malik

      Bruce, When all else fails, turn to the music, right!? :) Thanks for hopping over. Following your tweets!

  • Anthony

    Okay….I’m going to add my two cents. I know this was not solicited, but has that ever stopped any of your husbands?
    My wife is also in the category that you described as mid age. She has some of the same feelings and behaviors. But let me tell you why us husbands think that you are even sexier.

    1. When you were in your 20’s, yes, you could party all night, have sex 3 or 4 times per day and it was great. But you weren’t as confident as you are now and confidence and security in your identity is sexy.
    2. Us men cannot party like it’s 1991 anymore either….we don’t want to, we’re freaking tired by the time Friday rolls around.
    3. That dress you have saved in your closet that both you and I know you will not fit into it again is holding you back from buying a dress right now that looks just as sexy on you as that old dress did. Realize that you are sexy at this time of your life….not 20 years ago. The way you were 20 years ago doesn’t turn us on anymore. We’re not there…..we’re here and we love you and in some cases, all of you. Be present and realize that our idea of what sexy is has changed and you’re it.
    4. I don’t want sex 4 times per day anymore ( okay…I might want to try it here and there ) I don’t even think I could go 4 times in one day without a nap or two.

    Change is something that we all fear, but yet it is the one thing consistent thing in our lives. Ironic isn’t it. Live in the here, it’s where most of us husbands are and we would love to have you here with us.

    • http://sweetnessoflife.com Kelli

      Thanks, Anthony. I love your insight and comforting male perspective on this!