Perspective From Motherhood: Three Reasons I Voted To Re-Elect President Obama

Michelle and Barack Obama 2012Reason One: My 18 year-old son is in his first year of college at Ohio State University. Thanks in large to the support we’re receiving as a result of the commitment made by the Obama Administration to make college more affordable for all American families.

I’ve raised this boy for the majority of his life as a single mom. It was often a struggle for me to keep the bills paid. I worked my ass off to stretch my income far enough to manage the cost of living in an excellent rated school district. You can probably imagine what a relief it is to qualify for the much-needed financial assistance that is now helping ensure my son receives the opportunity for an educated, gainful future.

Fact: The number of Pell Grant recipients expanded to provide opportunities in 2010-2011 for nearly 4 million more students than in previous years. Proudly, my son is one of those 10 million students receiving the grant.

Fact: Pell Grant awards increased to provide support in an amount up to $5,600 in 2010-2011, up from $4,700 in 2008-2009. My son is one of the kids receiving the benefit from this increase in support. Believe me, every penny counts.

We fought. We cried. Finally, we worked hard. Now, my clever son and I are realizing our shared dream that he receive an education at one of the Big Ten.

Reason Two: Michelle Obama. When I read the title of the article Did America Just Elect Its First Woman President? written by Meghan Casserly on ForbesWoman yesterday, I had a slightly different thought in mind.

It’s 2012. Women now have a great deal of influence within the realm of their husband’s decision making. And if they don’t, they should. Michelle is the perfect example of the modern, intelligent woman—she doesn’t just appear to be for the sake of political gain.

Unlike the President, predominant in the First Lady’s resume are executive roles. And we certainly know how much Barack values her opinions and intellect. She’s even been dubbed as his closer in years past. So in a way, we elected Michelle Obama for President, too.

Michelle is an excellent role model for our daughters. She’s a modern mom. She’s good people. Educated. Driven. Real. Fair. Down to earth. Besides, have you ever seen another First Lady confident enough to embrace the President tightly from behind, on stage in front of millions? Michelle rocks.

Reason Three: And the most important reason. The dreams I have for my 4 year-old daughter are attainable in a country where women’s rights are fully respected. Enough said. This one tends to charge me up and since I’m not looking for a political debate, we’ll leave it at that.

Note: I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit that I love Joe Biden’s sense of humor. It’s the one area where perhaps the Obama’s fall short, but the dryish humor of the Vice President more than makes up for it. Having Air Force Two land in my home State on election day as it was done—delightfully humorous. If you’re a supporter, you know exactly what I mean.

  • Kimberly Morris Gauthier

    This is an amazing post and I love it. Well written and thought out. I love the First Couple, not because they’re black, but because they represent the future to me and they represent a direction I want to see our nation go in. To finally see a family in the White House that openly loves and respects each other is a great example for us all.

    Congratulations on your son’s achievements and your own. I was raised by a single mother and I know first hand that it’s not easy. I paid for my own school (I’m still paying) and as a black woman I didn’t receive any financial aid, because I could only attend part time (I worked full time). I know how valuable getting assistance is and I’m so excited for your family and wish you the best.


    • Kelli Nelson

      Thank you, Kimberly! Forward. :)

  • LindseySteffensen

    Hear Hear! Kelli, I love your reasoning and I agree wholeheartedly. I’m so excited that the Obama family gets to stay in the Whitehouse for another term. You write beautifully my dear :)

    • Kelli Nelson

      Thank you, Lindsey!

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