Fun New Blog Series at

We’ve got a fun new series starting today on Editors will publish my Friday 5 list each week on various topics, with added commentary, and open it up to you for your contributions. The first in the series launches today. Head on over to WTF and check out 5 Things I Want My Daughter To Know, … Continue Reading

Introducing Bentley

I thought it fetching to formally introduce you all to Bentley because after just one short weekend, I’m already certain he’ll be referenced in many future posts. Lord Bentley —yes, he’s already declared his lordship in our home—  is our new cavalier King Charles spaniel pup. My kids and I are already in love with him. … Continue Reading

Saving Newborn Lives, A Global Conversation

Do you know almost 3 million newborns die world-wide every year? Do you know the most common causes of these newborn deaths are infection, prematurity and birth asphyxia (when a baby’s brain gets little or no oxygen before, during or immediately after birth)? It’s well known that hand washing is crucial in the prevention of … Continue Reading

Don’t Take Clean Water For Granted

Today is World Water Day. It’s an important day established by the United Nations to identify world-wide water issues. A day to draw attention to the facts. 783 million people, or 11% of the world’s population, do not have safe water to drink and this, in addition to poor sanitation, results in the death of 2,000 children every day. Learn … Continue Reading

Modern, Progressive World Demands Equality

This day means the world to me. I’ve fought for most of my life in the battle of equality for women. I grew up watching my mom fight, and we both continue to fight on behalf of my 5 year-old daughter. I spent the better part of my adult life working harder, longer, and more … Continue Reading

Thanks For The Memories. Now Get Lost, Caillou.

Last night, as part of her usual “settle down for bedtime” routine, my daughter asked for Sprout and wished aloud that it be time for Caillou. It was. It never fails; it’s always time for Caillou. Allow me to get this out of the way right now. I genuinely, very strongly dislike the pint-sized complainer. I can’t think … Continue Reading

Exercise, Earn For Charity Using Smartphones

Have you kept your New Year’s resolution to exercise more? Well, here’s a little more incentive to keep you going, or get you started. Love your smartphone? Me, too. Early in February, the UN Foundation announced its new partnership with Charity Miles, a free smartphone app that allows you to earn money for charity while … Continue Reading