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My Daughter, The Petunia Gardener

A few months back, Felicity Huffman wrote a post at talking about the modern-day hoopla related to vagℹnas and how moms often tend to give nicknames when discussing the matter with young daughters. I confessed to having named my daughter’s vagℹna Petunia. In addition to the cutesy nickname, we also refer to Petunia in third-person. “Did you wash her when you were in the … Continue Reading

How Do You Know Your Kids Really Feel Your Love?

Do you ever wonder if your children feel your love? I mean really feel it. Often when I look at one of mine, I wonder if they can feel the swell of my heart at that moment. Okay, so my 17 year-old scary-teenage-know-it-all son isn’t thinking about how I love him when I’m in his … Continue Reading

The Charmed Life of My Teenage Son

I’m celebrating my mom imperfectionism today because it has inadvertently crafted an excellent life lesson for my 17 year-old scary-know-it-all-teenage son. You see I never won the battle of the finish your homework and study routine. In this case, I’m talking epic battles. Never-ending lectures. I surrendered after countless miserable afternoons and evenings. My son … Continue Reading

In The Drunk Kitchen

Last fall, my parents bought and moved into their dream retirement home. They love it, and we couldn’t be happier for them. But it’s often difficult for adult children to lose their childhood homes, though it’s just a structure; walls, windows, a roof. Now and then my siblings and I confess to missing the old … Continue Reading

What To Do and Not Do When You Go To Disney

The Imperfect Mom’s Guide: What To Do When You Go To Disney World Do take your young daughter shopping for her princess dress immediately. You’ll have a lot less laundry when you get home. And you’ll get to sit down on a full bus when the driver announces, “Everyone, be on your best royal behavior… … Continue Reading

Embracing Mom Imperfectionism

I’m crazy excited for my family’s first ever trip to Disney World this week. To kick off the week Disney style, I’m throwing some fairytale fun into this post. You can imagine the number of fairytales I read these days to my nearly 4 year-old daughter. Cinderella. Snow White. Sleeping Beauty. I love the magical … Continue Reading