Happy New Year, My Friends… You Rock!

Happy New Year! Your support in 2012 was priceless. Your kindness went unmatched. Your friendship now irreplaceable. Thank you, my friends. Looking forward to 2013!

Is Bathing Over Rated?

After a long weekend of congratulatory send-offs, packing up my son and moving him to his college apartment, damnit I really miss my dream tub. Check out these articles to see why: Blast from the past – Bathing Just Isn’t What It Used To Be Fresh from WhatTheFlicka.com – Sacrificing Your Mommy-Only Retreat

Gray Hair, Sexy Specs and Shedding Baby Weight

I was prepared to publish an intense, serious post on divorce today but just as I was about to click the publish button, another thought entered my head: To hell with that for now, let’s just have some fun and deal with the heavy tomorrow.  So. In honor of the reliably loyal gray roots that return … Continue Reading

Life Happens And Then You Move Forward

I know. My posts have been few and far between of late. When I began this post 14 days ago, it nearly broke me. I had to walk away. I dug my heels into my fiction reading addiction and kept my nose buried there, refusing to think or write. I’ve been remiss. I failed to share … Continue Reading

My Daughter, The Petunia Gardener

A few months back, Felicity Huffman wrote a post at WhatTheFlicka.com talking about the modern-day hoopla related to vagℹnas and how moms often tend to give nicknames when discussing the matter with young daughters. I confessed to having named my daughter’s vagℹna Petunia. In addition to the cutesy nickname, we also refer to Petunia in third-person. “Did you wash her when you were in the … Continue Reading

In The Drunk Kitchen

Last fall, my parents bought and moved into their dream retirement home. They love it, and we couldn’t be happier for them. But it’s often difficult for adult children to lose their childhood homes, though it’s just a structure; walls, windows, a roof. Now and then my siblings and I confess to missing the old … Continue Reading