Introducing Bentley

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Pup Bentley

I thought it fetching to formally introduce you all to Bentley because after just one short weekend, I’m already certain he’ll be referenced in many future posts. Lord Bentley —yes, he’s already declared his lordship in our home—  is our new cavalier King Charles spaniel pup. My kids and I are already in love with him. Look at that face. How could you not fall for this little guy?

We brought him home on Friday, and immediately the ‘Adventures with Bentley’ began. The kids, and especially my 5 year-old daughter, seem to find great humor each time I’m overheard saying, “Dude. You pooped in my house again.” Stay tuned. This should be fun. I think.

Fur Moms, I’ll be counting on you all for much advice.

  • Beth Sanborn

    We have family friends with multiple KC’s…they wouldn’t have any other breed! You picked a good one! Enjoy, Kelli!

    • Kelli Nelson

      Thanks, Beth!

  • Jen L

    One look at Lord Bentley and you are certainly in love. I have already decided that a Cavalier King Charles will be the next baby we get.

    • Kelli Nelson

      I hope you do get a cav… love to see him or her!

  • Kimberly Morris Gauthier

    Have fun! I loved the puppy months!

    • Kelli Nelson

      We’re definitely having fun! :)