Blogs and Interior Design

Blogs and Interior DesignAs I began putting together the outline for an upcoming vlog post, I realized something I hadn’t considered before. One of the reasons I love owning my own blog is because I love interior design. That makes no sense, right? I know—what do blog ownership and interior design have in common?

Designing a blog can be as satisfying as interior design.

I’m constantly dreaming up new design elements. It’s like preparing my online home for guests. And I love to have parties. Admiring the end result of a design project, actual or virtual, gives me a high like nothing else.

Thank goodness I finally found a fabulous website/blog designer. Somehow, she just gets me.

So while Nicole is working out some new blog elements for me, I’m thinking of splashing some fresh color around the house before the tree goes up. When I mentioned this, my husband stopped speaking to me. Well, after he warned me not to hire anyone. Because he could do it for free, you know.

Sometimes employing my husband for home improvement projects is like hiring an unreliable blog designer who doesn’t understand the client’s vision and never truly completes the job. Been there, done that. Ugh.

Blogging soothes my endless desire for interior design.

That said, I guess hubby should be thankful for my being a blog owner now.

Anyway, I don’t know if I’ll get away with the painting project but I can’t wait to share a new blog feature with you soon. Did you notice I used the word vlog at the start of this post? Stay tuned.

And promise not to laugh at me. Much.

  • Sharon Osvald

    Kelli, I had to laugh at your connection to creating a blog and interior design. I spend so much time updating and changing my site that my husband had to remind me that people have come there to READ it. lol. Keep on writing and designing. :) ~Sharon Osvald

    • Kelli

      I totally relate to that, Sharon –thank you for being here! :)

  • Lindsey

    Kelli, how funny! I do believe you’re quite right when you compare interior design to blog design. I wish my blog was reflected in my home… that gives me a starting point, thank you! :) What color were you wanting to do before the tree goes up?

  • Anna

    Can’t wait to see your new “vlog” addition!! I’ll be sure to come by and check it out.

    • Kelli

      I’m sort of nervous about vlogging! :) I’ll post on Twitter and FB when it’s ready…

  • Missy | Literal Mom

    I’m so impressed that you have this ability! Thus far, I’ve paid people to do design things on my blog. I’m that bad at it. :)

    • Kelli

      Oh, I pay for the actual graphic design work… I tried my hand at it early on and that was not a good thing! Since, I’ve found a great designer to work with and she gets me to the point that I email her quite often with my ideas. I can do a few things myself but I always defer to Nicole for the biggies. When you find that one that you can really work with ongoing, it’s awesome. :)

  • Meri S.

    I agree: I sometimes get caught up in what my blog looks like. I get stuck rearranging and redoing the look of it as if i would be redoing my living room! I think they totally coincide with one another!

    • Kelli

      I know, right? It keeps me out of trouble! ;)