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Is Bathing Over Rated?

After a long weekend of congratulatory send-offs, packing up my son and moving him to his college apartment, damnit I really miss my dream tub. Check out these articles to see why: Blast from the past – Bathing Just Isn’t What It Used To Be Fresh from – Sacrificing Your Mommy-Only Retreat

Celebrating The Mom Pledge Community

The Internet provides an unprecedented opportunity for women to connect, celebrate the joys of motherhood together and support our sisters through the challenges. Have you ever been cyber-bullied? While I’m fortunate not to have experienced cyberbullying, I’ve certainly endured “mean girl love.” Either way, it’s a very difficult and heartbreaking place to find yourself. Elizabeth … Continue Reading

Gray Hair, Sexy Specs and Shedding Baby Weight

I was prepared to publish an intense, serious post on divorce today but just as I was about to click the publish button, another thought entered my head: To hell with that for now, let’s just have some fun and deal with the heavy tomorrow.  So. In honor of the reliably loyal gray roots that return … Continue Reading