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Is Your Guest Bathroom Ready For Summer Entertaining?

I love to host parties, and this summer is one full of milestones for my kids and me so needless to say, I need to be prepared for guests. Fortunately, my guest bathroom is always visitor-ready. When it comes to bathrooms, I’m somewhat mysophobic. My fear of germs and contamination is often irrational, so as you … Continue Reading

The Fur Mom: I’m Not a “Real” Mom, But I Love Like One

Guest author Kimberly Gauthier is a writer, photographer and fur mom of 3. She’s publisher and editor in chief for Keep The Tail Wagging, a popular online magazine celebrating dogs and connecting dog lovers. Read on to see why I absolutely adore Kim, her confidence and her sense of humor.             … Continue Reading

What Is A Dance Mom, Really?

Last fall, my daughter joined her first ballet class and I became a new dance mom. Never before in my life had I stepped foot into a dance studio. I had no idea what to expect but I was prepared for the worst. Thanks widely to Lifetime Television’s ridiculous (non) reality show; often when people now think … Continue Reading

Does Motherhood Get Easier or Do You Grow Stronger?

Raising my 4 year-old and recently graduated 17 year-old at the same time provides me with the advantage of real time comparisons. I can honestly tell you the difficult-to-answer questions don’t stop coming when your children get older nor do the hard-hitting problems cease to arise. Anxiety and frustration remain. And yes, the loss of sleep for many parents often lingers as well. Your concerns do not lessen — they just change a bit.