My Daughter, The Petunia Gardener

A few months back, Felicity Huffman wrote a post at talking about the modern-day hoopla related to vagℹnas and how moms often tend to give nicknames when discussing the matter with young daughters. I confessed to having named my daughter’s vagℹna Petunia. In addition to the cutesy nickname, we also refer to Petunia in third-person. “Did you wash her when you were in the … Continue Reading

A Mom’s Life, Uncensored

Today in the A Mom’s Life, Uncensored section, The Stir is featuring my blog in the series, Mom Bloggers We Love. The series runs throughout the month of May in honor of Mother’s Day. I’d love for you to check it out and when you do, you’ll find me keeping good company with some fantastic bloggers. You’ll find … Continue Reading

A Day In The Life Of Another Imperfect (Scary) Mom

Dear Readers: You pick me up when I’m down. You cry with me when I share tear worthy stories. You laugh with me when I share my often too ridiculous stories. You are simply the best. And that’s why I’m excited to share with you a day in the life of one reader. It was a … Continue Reading