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The Charmed Life of My Teenage Son

I’m celebrating my mom imperfectionism today because it has inadvertently crafted an excellent life lesson for my 17 year-old scary-know-it-all-teenage son. You see I never won the battle of the finish your homework and study routine. In this case, I’m talking epic battles. Never-ending lectures. I surrendered after countless miserable afternoons and evenings. My son … Continue Reading

Quit Worrying Over Old Nikes

Guest author Martine de Luna is work-at-home mom, and owner of the award-winning blog, Dainty Mom, a tips and inspiration blog for work-at-home moms. Born in the sunny Philippine islands, raised in Hong Kong and Singapore, Martine fell in love with writing in her years in the British school system. She lives in Manila with … Continue Reading

Move Over Bree Van de Kamp

Several weeks ago, I received an email from Felicity Huffman asking if I was interested in becoming a featured contributing writer for her fantastic new site for women, What The Flicka?  Yes, the Desperate Housewives’ Felicity Huffman aka Lynette Scavo. I’ve been a fan of ABC’s Desperate Housewives show since forever, so you can imagine what … Continue Reading