Archives for October 2011

Pushover No More Again

 I felt compelled to republish Pushover No More after spending time around a few “pushers” this past week. Enjoy! When I was young, you could simply look at me and I might cry. I was afraid of my parents, uncles, aunts, the mailman, teachers, professors. It’s amazing how much we change when we become parents. … Continue Reading

Celebrating Mom-to-Mom Support

The not so sweet days come and go. But one thing I’m finding ever present is the virtual support for moms by other moms. It comes to us through various online social platforms. It’s a comment left on a blog post or Facebook. It can be found in our Google-plus streams. Many times it comes … Continue Reading

Share Your Strength

Some time ago, I noticed my son’s auto-replenish-via-mom’s-credit-card lunch account was being reloaded quite frequently. I know my son does eat a lot to keep his lean, nearly 6’4” self satisfied and energized. But was he really eating so much at school? No, he wasn’t. Nor was he following my directive to spend only on a … Continue Reading

Living Dangerously

Some days, the demand gets the best of me. And it brings out the worst of me. I know you have these days, too. I’d like to share with you one of mine from a time not so long ago. There were many casualties on this particular day. My voice for one. I loathe yellers, really, I … Continue Reading